The Latest Canada Express Entry Draws, Score History and Factors

The Latest Canada Express Entry Draws, Score History & Factors.

What is a Comprehensive Ranking System CRS Draw?

Launched in 2015, the Express Entry system in Canadian Immigration processes the applications under major federal economic immigration programs. There are three federal immigration programs under the EE system:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

All three programs are highly competitive. To be qualified to submit applications under these programs, one must first submit an Express Entry profile and enter in the pool of candidates. Provinces and Territories also nominate candidates through the Express Entry system. IRCC then conducts PNP specific invitation rounds to select candidates.

The candidates are then ranked against each other using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which assigns each candidate a CRS score out of 1200 points. Those who are highly ranked, are shortlisted to get Canadian permanent residency.

Generally, the IRCC conducts an Express Entry draw every two weeks. Every CRS draw has a cut-off score that represents the lowest CRS score for the candidates to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence. Upon the receipt of the ITA, a candidate has 60 days of time to complete and submit the online application for Permanent Residence.

*Please note, IRCC withholds the information about the upcoming date of the draw, the number of ITAs to be issued, or the CRS cut-off.

Latest CRS Draw, CRS Cut Off

The latest Canada Express Entry Draw Results are below:



ITA issued

CRS Draw Score

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 

14 Sep 2021



Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

22 June 2022


*These draws continue to follow the trend of 2021  of program-specific CRS draws targeting people who are likely to be already present in Canada

Draw No Invitation issued CRS Score Immigration Program Date
Draw No 225 636 752 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-06-22
Draw No 224 932 796 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-06-08
Draw No 223 589 741 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-05-25
Draw No 222 545 753 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-05-11
Draw No 221 829 772 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-04-27
Draw No 220 787 782 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-04-13
Draw No 219 919 785 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-03-30
Draw No 218 924 754 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-03-16
Draw No 217 1047 761 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-03-02
Draw No 216 1082 710 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-02-16
Draw No 215 1070 674 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-02-02
Draw No 214 1036 745 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-01-19
Draw No 213 392 808 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2022-01-05
Draw No Invitation issued CRS Score Immigration Program Date
Draw No 212 746 720 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-12-22
Draw No 211 1032 698 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-12-10
Draw No 210 613 737 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-11-24
Draw No 209 775 685 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-11-10
Draw No 208 888 744 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-10-27
Draw No 207 681 720 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-10-13
Draw No 206 761 742 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-09-29
Draw No 205 521 732 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-09-15
Draw No 204 2000 462 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-09-14
Draw No 203 635 764 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-09-01
Draw No 202 3000 403 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-08-19
Draw No 201 463 751 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-08-18
Draw No 200 3000 404 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-08-05
Draw No 199 512 760 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-08-04
Draw No 198 4500 357 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-07-22
Draw No 197 462 734 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-07-21
Draw No 196 4500 369 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-07-08
Draw No 195 627 760 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-07-07
Draw No 194 6000 357 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-06-24
Draw No 193 1002 742 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-06-23
Draw No 194 6000 357 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-06-24
Draw No 193 1002 742 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-06-23
Draw No 192 6000 368 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-06-10
Draw No 191 940 711 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-06-09
Draw No 190 5956 380 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-05-31
Draw No 189 500 713 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-05-26
Draw No 188 1842 397 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-05-20
Draw No 187 4147 401 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-05-13
Draw No 186 557 752 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-05-12
Draw No 185 6000 400 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-04-29
Draw No 184 381 717 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-04-28
Draw No 183 6000 417 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-04-16
Draw No 182 266 753 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-04-14
Draw No 181 5000 432 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-04-01
Draw No 180 284 778 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-03-31
Draw No 179 5000 449 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-03-18
Draw No 178 183 682 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-03-17
Draw No 177 671 739 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-03-08
Draw No 176 27332 75 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-02-13
Draw No 175 654 720 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-02-10
Draw No 174 4626 454 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-01-21
Draw No 173 374 741 Provincial Nominee Class – PNP 2021-01-20
Draw No 172 4750 461 Canadian Experience Class – CEC 2021-01-07
Draw No 171 250 813 Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 2021-01-06
Draw NoInvitation issuedCRS ScoreImmigration ProgramDate
Draw No 1705000468No program specified2020-12-23
Draw No 1695000469No program specified2020-12-09
Draw No 1685000469No program specified2020-11-25
Draw No 1675000472No program specified2020-11-18
Draw No 1664500478No program specified2020-11-05
Draw No 1654500471No program specified2020-10-14
Draw No 1644200471No program specified2020-09-30
Draw No 1634200472No program specified2020-09-16
Draw No 1624200475No program specified2020-09-02
Draw No 1613300454Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-08-20
Draw No 160600771Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-08-19
Draw No 159    
Draw No 158250415Federal Skilled Trades2020-08-06
Draw No 1573900476No program specified2020-08-05
Draw No 1563343445Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-07-23
Draw No 155557687Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-07-22
Draw No 1543900478No program specified2020-07-08
Draw No 1533508431Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-06-25
Draw No 152392696Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-06-24
Draw No 1513559437Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-06-11
Draw No 150341743Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-06-10
Draw No 1493515440Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-05-28
Draw No 148385757Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-05-27
Draw No 1473371447Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-05-14
Draw No 146529718Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-05-13
Draw No 1453311452Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-04-30
Draw No 144589692Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-04-29
Draw No 1433782455Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-04-16
Draw No 142118808Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-04-15
Draw No 1413294464Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-04-09
Draw No 140606698Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-04-09
Draw No 1393232467Canadian Experience Class – CEC2020-03-23
Draw No 138668720Provincial Nominee Program – PNP2020-03-18
Draw No 1373900471No program specified2020-03-04
Draw No 1364500470No program specified2020-02-19
Draw No 1353500472No program specified2020-02-05
Draw No 1343400471No program specified2020-01-22
Draw No 1333400473No program specified2020-01-08

The source has been taken from – www.canada.ca.

Draw NoInvitation issuedCRS ScoreImmigration ProgramDate
Draw No 1333200469No program specified2019-12-19
Draw No 1323200472No program specified2019-12-11
Draw No 1313600471No program specified2019-11-27
Draw No 1303600472No program specified2019-11-13
Draw No 1293900475No program specified2019-10-30
Draw No 128500357Federal Skilled Trades2019-10-16
Draw No 1273900464No program specified2019-10-02
Draw No 1263600462No program specified2019-09-18
Draw No 1253600463No program specified2019-09-04
Draw No 1243600457No program specified2019-08-20
Draw No 1233600466No program specified2019-08-12
Draw No 1223600459No program specified2019-07-24
Draw No 1213600460No program specified2019-07-10
Draw No 1203350462No program specified2019-06-26
Draw No 1193350465No program specified2019-06-12
Draw No 1183350470No program specified2019-05-29
Draw No 117500332Federal Skilled Trades2019-05-15
Draw No 1163350450No program specified2019-05-01
Draw No 1153350451No program specified2019-04-17
Draw No 1143350451No program specified2019-04-03
Draw No 1133350452No program specified2019-03-20
Draw No 1123350454No program specified2019-03-06
Draw No 1113350457No program specified2019-02-20
Draw No 1103350438No program specified2019-01-30
Draw No 1093900443No program specified2019-01-23
Draw No 1083900449No program specified2019-01-09

The source has been taken from – www.canada.ca.

Draw NoInvitation issuedCRS ScoreImmigration ProgramDate
Draw No 1073900439No program specified2018-12-19
Draw No 1063900445No program specified2018-12-12
Draw No 1053900445No program specified2018-11-28
Draw No 1043900449No program specified2018-11-14
Draw No 1033900442No program specified2018-10-29
Draw No 1023900440No program specified2018-10-15
Draw No 1013900445No program specified2018-10-03
Draw No 100400284Federal Skilled Trades2018-09-24
Draw No 993500441No program specified2018-09-19
Draw No 983900440No program specified2018-09-05
Draw No 973750440No program specified2018-08-22
Draw No 963750440No program specified2018-08-08
Draw No 953750441No program specified2018-07-25
Draw No 943750442No program specified2018-07-11
Draw No 933750442No program specified2018-06-25
Draw No 923750451No program specified2018-06-13
Draw No 91500288Federal Skilled Trades2018-05-30
Draw No 91200902Provincial Nominee Program2018-05-30
Draw No 903500440No program specified2018-05-23
Draw No 893500441No program specified2018-05-09
Draw No 883500441No program specified2018-04-25
Draw No 873500444No program specified2018-04-11
Draw No 863000446No program specified2018-03-26
Draw No 853000456No program specified2018-03-14
Draw No 843000442No program specified2018-02-21
Draw No 833000442No program specified2018-02-07
Draw No 822750444No program specified2018-01-24
Draw No 812750446No program specified2018-01-10

The source has been taken from – www.canada.ca.

Draw NoInvitation issuedCRS ScoreImmigration ProgramDate
Draw No 802750446No program specified2017-12-20
Draw No 792750452No program specified2017-12-06
Draw No 782750439No program specified2017-11-15
Draw No 772000458No program specified2017-11-08
Draw No 76505241Federal Skilled Trades2017-11-01
Draw No 75290673Provincial Nominee Program2017-11-01
Draw No 742757436No program specified2017-10-18
Draw No 732801438No program specified2017-10-04
Draw No 722871433No program specified2017-09-20
Draw No 712772435No program specified2017-09-06
Draw No 703035434No program specified2017-08-23
Draw No 692991433No program specified2017-08-09
Draw No 683264441No program specified2017-08-02
Draw No 673202440No program specified2017-07-12
Draw No 663409449No program specified2017-06-28
Draw No 653877413No program specified2017-05-31
Draw No 64400199Federal Skilled Trades2017-05-26
Draw No 63143775Provincial Nominee Program2017-05-26
Draw No 623687415No program specified2017-05-17
Draw No 613796423No program specified2017-05-04
Draw No 603665415No program specified2017-04-19
Draw No 593923423No program specified2017-04-12
Draw No 583753431No program specified2017-04-05
Draw No 573749441No program specified2017-03-24
Draw No 563884434No program specified2017-03-01
Draw No 553611441No program specified2017-02-22
Draw No 543644447No program specified2017-02-08
Draw No 533508453No program specified2017-01-25
Draw No 523334459No program specified2017-01-11
Draw No 512902468No program specified2017-01-04

The source has been taken from – www.canada.ca.

Draw NoInvitation issuedCRS ScoreImmigration ProgramDate
Draw No 502878475No program specified2016-12-22
Draw No 491936497No program specified2016-12-16
Draw No 48559786Provincial Nominee Program2016-11-30
Draw No 472427470No program specified2016-11-16
Draw No 462080472No program specified2016-11-02
Draw No 451804475No program specified2016-10-19
Draw No 441518484No program specified2016-10-12
Draw No 431288483No program specified2016-09-21
Draw No 421000491No program specified2016-09-07
Draw No 41750538No program specified2016-08-24
Draw No 40754490No program specified2016-08-10
Draw No 39755488No program specified2016-07-27
Draw No 38747482No program specified2016-07-13
Draw No 37773482No program specified2016-06-29
Draw No 36752488No program specified2016-06-15
Draw No 35762483No program specified2016-06-01
Draw No 34763484No program specified2016-05-18
Draw No 33799534No program specified2016-05-06
Draw No 321018468No program specified2016-04-20
Draw No 31954470No program specified2016-04-06
Draw No 301014470No program specified2016-03-23
Draw No 291013473No program specified2016-03-09
Draw No 281484453No program specified2016-02-24
Draw No 271505459No program specified2016-02-10
Draw No 261468457No program specified2016-01-27
Draw No 251518453No program specified2016-01-13
Draw No 241463461No program specified2016-01-06

The source has been taken from – www.canada.ca.

Draw NoInvitation issuedCRS ScoreImmigration ProgramDate
Draw No 231503460No program specified2015-12-18
Draw No 221451461No program specified2015-12-04
Draw No 211559472No program specified2015-11-27
Draw No 201506484No program specified2015-11-13
Draw No 191502489No program specified2015-10-23
Draw No 181530450No program specified2015-10-02
Draw No 171545450No program specified2015-09-18
Draw No 161517459No program specified2015-09-08
Draw No 151523456No program specified2015-08-21
Draw No 141402471No program specified2015-08-07
Draw No 131581451No program specified2015-07-17
Draw No 121516463No program specified2015-07-10
Draw No 111575469No program specified2015-06-26
Draw No 101501482No program specified2015-06-12
Draw No 91361755No program specified2015-05-22
Draw No 8715453No program specified2015-04-17
Draw No 7925469No program specified2015-04-10
Draw No 61637453No program specified2015-03-27
Draw No 51620481No program specified2015-03-20
Draw No 41187735No program specified2015-02-27
Draw No 3849808Canadian Experience Class2015-02-20
Draw No 2779818No program specified2015-02-07
Draw No 1779886No program specified2015-01-31

The source has been taken from – www.canada.ca.

The Next CRS draw prediction date

The Express Entry, CRS draw next date: There is no expected or prediction for the Next CRS draw date till today and no way to tell when the next CRS draw will be….

Factors determining CRS score

A number of factors influence your CRS Score for Express Entry profile. To be eligible for permanent residency you should have a minimum of 67 points out of 100  under various aspects of eligibility requirements. 

Below are the tables summarizing the maximum points per factor for Express Entry candidates.

Experience you can trust, service you can count on

Experience you can trust, service you can count on

  • Honest, Ethical & Reliable
  • Reasonable fees & no hidden charges
  • Proven track record with over 99% success rate
  • Five star Google and Facebook review rating

Harsimrat Kaur

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Membership Number: R528313

  1. Basic/Human Capital Factors


Points Per Factor – With a spouse or common-law partner

Points per factor – Without a spouse or common-law partner




Level of Education



Official Language Proficiency



Canadian Work Experience



  1. Spouse or common-law partner factors


Points Per Factor  (Max. Points 40)

Level of Education


Official Language Proficiency


Canadian Work Experience


*Core/human capital + Spouse or common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 points 
  1. Transferable Skills Factors



Points Per Factor


Strong Official Language Skills and post-secondary degree


Canadian Work Experience and post-secondary degree


Foreign Work Experience

Foreign Work Experience and Language Proficiency (≥7 CLB)


Candian and Foreign Work Experience


Certificate of Qualification (For People in trade)

Strong Official Language Skills and certificate of qualification


*Core/human capital + Spouse or common-law partner + Transferability factors = Maximum 600 points
  1. Additional Points


Maximum Points per Factor

Siblings in Canada (PR or citizens)


French Language Skills


Post Secondary Education in Canada


Arranged Employment


Provincial Nomination


How to improve your CRS Score

Since the IRCC conducts the Express Entry draw at regular intervals, you always have an opportunity to work on your CRS score before submitting your application for the next upcoming draw.

In case you fail to meet the CRS cut-off score you always have a chance to look out for ways to improve your points. This can help you get an ITA for the PR in the next Express Entry Draw.

Here are some ways to boost your CRS score:

  • Upgrade your language skills

    Scoring more in language proficiency tests such as IELTS, helps you improve your CRS score. For instance, if you score a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7 in IELTS you can try to achieve 9. And if you achieve CLB 9 and still your CRS points are low, you can take a language proficiency test for French.

  • Provincial Nomination Program

    if you manage to get an invitation from a Canadian province, you will receive additional 600 points for your Express Entry profile.

  • Getting an LMIA-based Job Offer

    : If you get a job offer i.e recognized by the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer, you can top up your CRS rank with 200 points.

  • Getting Canadian Education

    Additional 30  points can be received if you complete a post-secondary education from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada.

  • Dependants included in the Application [Spouse/Common-Law Partner]

    Including your spouse or common-law partner in your visa application help, you earn additional points. The language proficiency of your spouse can give you extra 20 points, while his/her education and Canadian work experience can assign you 10 points each. Therefore, you can add up to 40 points to your CRS score.

  • Canadian Work Experience:

    If you have almost three years of full-time work experience in Canada and you continue to work you can add up to 150 points to your CRS score.

Calculate Your CRS Score using the CRS Tool

You can calculate your CRS score using the  CRS calculator.  Or you can speak with one of our immigration consultants to find out what your estimated CRS score is.

Determining your CRS score helps you learn about your eligibility for Express Entry based on the latest CRS draw score.

How CanOz Visa Services Can Help You Get Into the Express Entry Pool

The foremost and important aspect of the Express Entry Program is to have complete and accurate information and documents ready and receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). This invitation enables you to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry Program. To be able to receive an invitation, you have to be selected from a pool of candidates who are competing for an invitation.

At CanOz Visa Services we strive hard to carefully assess your case, and find out the best suitable occupation based on your work experience. 

Book a consultation with one of our Immigration consultant in Canada today at canozvisas.com

Client Testimonials

Here are some words of praise from our clients who are happy and satisfied with our services. Read the few of them below:

Prash A
Prash A
I 1st met her when i was cold calling the right consultant to reoresent me and my wife. I came across harsimrat in 2020 via Google and I went with her services because of her professionalism compared to her peers in the industry. The level of service was received was exceptional. Harsimrat, the consultant doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for her consulting. She is in the business of serving people. She is client focused. Since then, I have referred my own brother. Sister in law, close friends and family to her. Keep doing what you do and may viewers of this review vote for your service through their wallets.
jot tiwana
jot tiwana
CanOz provides tremendous service. My case was hard with one refusal, but because of their dedication and hard work, I will be able to see my family soon. A big thanks to Harsimrat mam and also Ritu who respond the inquiries very quickly. I highly recommend this place as they provide good quality at an affordable price.
Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur
Very good service and very supportive team. Got my husband open work permit. Thank you So much Harsimrat kaur.
jasmine sandhu
jasmine sandhu
Words are not enough to appreciate CanOz work. A big thanks to Mr. Bakhash Singh for guiding me in every aspect from finding a college to choosing an course. He was always there for answering my queries and explained the visa process flawlessly . I would recommend everyone to choose CanOz service as they will guide you the best and will help to achieve your goals!
Manu Khurana
Manu Khurana
Best and budgeted immigration service in canada for all type of visa. Especially Harsimrat mam for canada visa. She is very polite and positive. Very thankful to canoz team for spouse open work permit. If you are searching for a immigration service in GTA, canoz is the best option
mohabbatdeep deol
mohabbatdeep deol
I had a great experience with canoz visa was very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professional. I highly recommend them.
Jagdeep Kaur
Jagdeep Kaur
A big thanks to CanOz team for their excellent service. Especially thanks to Mr . Bakhash Singh who is so helpful. He always answered my all queries and concerns without getting annoyed. They explained the whole process to me till the date I got my visa and made it a stress free process all throughout. I was blessed to choose them, I highly recommend to everyone to use their services. Keep up the good work CanOz and keep helping others to make their dreams be fulfilled in Australia and Canada. Thank you so much for everything.
lovepreet kaur
lovepreet kaur
Canoz Visa Services is highly recommended immigration service in whole GTA area. They helped me with spousal sponsorship and for my Parents visitor visa. Harsimrat Kaur guided me with both files. She is really kind and helped me with whole process really smoothly. GREAT WORK!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Varun Gautam
Varun Gautam
Nicest people that I have encountered, Baksh sir and Harsimrat mam seem to have all the solutions and insight. Got my visa recently, thanks to them. 🙂
Anmol Manocha
Anmol Manocha
It was really a great experience consulting and considering the consultations given by Harsimrat Madam .She guided me throughout the whole process and her response was really up to the mark.For the great consultations and advice you can totally rely on her. It was a great journey with Canoz Visa Services 🇨🇦🥳

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