The Global Talent Visa (Independent Program) for Australia

The advent of innovation and a constant drive to strengthen the economy has compelled the Australian government to formulate a program to pull in the brightest talents to Australia. Therefore, the Global Talent Visa-Independent Program (GTI) was launched. It aimed at attracting the most talented and skilled individuals across the globe and from specific industries to Australia. At the same time, it necessitated the importance of creating a priority-based, well-organized visa pathway for this exceptional taskforce or talented pool to migrate and settle in Australia on a permanent basis. This task force includes both high- value businesses and skilled individuals. Australia is considered to be a country of dreams by many of us. Known for its quality of life
Australia attracts scores of students and people who are willing to settle in Australia. The GTI program boasts of providing approximately 15000 vacancies for skilled and talented workers for the year 2020-2021. Isn’t it amazing?


A candidate is required to be highly skilled in the 7 sectors as specified by the Global Talent
Visa Program to be granted a visa. Let us explore the 7 sectors:


Every candidate is required to prove, furnish documents and evidence about their
respective achievements and recognition to be eligible to apply under the GTI program’s
Distinguished Talent visa. Each individual is required

  • To furnish evidence of their existing prominence in the field of expertise.
  • To prove one’s own international achievements and recognition.
  • To convince the Australian government with proof that he/she shall prove to be an
    asset to the Australian economy in the candidate’s field of expertise.
  • To establish that an Australian individual or organization has nominated him/her as a
    global talent in the applicant’s field of expertise.
  • To prove with evidence that they can establish themselves well in Australia or can easily get employed.

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Exceptional track record and High professional standards of achievements are the two key factors essential to meet the eligibility criteria. For Instance: patents, international publications, professional awards and roles in the targeted sectors can be considered as high standards of talent. This list can also include students who have completed their Masters and PhDs.


Another criteria the applicant needs to fulfill is that of the capability of attracting a high- income salary in Australia. On July 1 every year the Fair Work High-Income threshold is adjusted annually and is established at AUD 153,600.

The assessment procedure involved in this criteria is based on:

  • The current salary slips that depict the current salary of the applicant. 
  • Some of the students who have recently completed their Masters and Ph.D.’s in the target sectors may also be considered to know and assess the overall standing of the applicant.
  • Alongside the above-mentioned points, even the outlining remuneration offered by the future job offers to the applicant may be considered too.


If a candidate wishes to apply for a visa under the GTI program, he needs to follow a few steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Expression of Interest (EOI)

The applicant needs to use the Global Talent Contact Form to submit his/her Expression of Interest.  If the parameters specified are met, then the applicant is entitled to receive a Unique Identifier. The success/failure of your EOI will be communicated to you via contact or email.

  • Applying for a Visa

If the applicant receives the Unique Identifier, he/ she can use the ImmiAccount to lodge the visa application. If the applicant is in or outside Australia at the time of application of visa, he/ she is required to apply for a Subclass 858 Distinguished Talent Visa. One needs to undergo health and character checkup for himself/herself and also for the family members; if their names are added in your visa applications. It is mandatory to ensure that the applicant and the said family members must meet the necessary requirements of the health and character check-ups.


Any nationally reputed organization or an individual has to nominate the applicant. The nominators should also belong to the same targeted field as the applicant. All the international achievements of the applicant must be endorsed by his/her nominator. One cannot be nominated by a Global Talent officer.

It may seem interesting to you, that of late, priority has been given to the visa applications of the Hong Kong Passport holders and their visa applications are gearing up every year. There is a Cut-throat competition at the global level for attracting global talents and therefore, many countries are coming up with interesting visa programs to attract the talent and skilled pool from various countries to boost up their respective economies.

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