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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Launched in 2019, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) is a part of the Immigration Pilot Program. It is a common initiative to encourage economic growth in the small and remote communities of Canada. This program is designed to welcome foreign skilled workers to one of the participating 11 communities:

West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), British Columbia

What is RNIP all about?

Being a community-driven immigration program, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) includes the participating communities that take the charge:

  • Supporting immigrants who wish to settle permanently in a community
  • Of attracting new immigrants
  • Integrate them with local job openings
  • promoting a welcoming community: and
  • Introducing newcomers to the established community members and local settlement services

Canada is a country known for welcoming high numbers of immigrants every year. However, under the current immigration system, a large number of new immigrants choose to live in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The RNIP aims to alter this by enabling smaller communities to attract newcomers and support their settlement.

How does a community participate in the RNIP Program?

For a community to be considered under this pilot program, must:

  • have a population of 50,000 or less and be located at least 75km from the core of a census metropolitan area, or have a population of 200,000 or less and be considered remote from other larger cities.
  • Communities must be situated in one of the following provinces or territories:
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • Northwest Territories
    • Nunavut
    • Ontario
    • Saskatchewan
    • Yukon
  • submit a plan for economic development with the help of a local economic development organization that is able to manage the pilot.
  • prove they have employment opportunities available for new immigrants and are also able to support their settlement.

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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: How it Works?

Eligibility Requirements for candidates

To be able to apply under the RNIP, the potential candidate must meet the following requirements set out by both the federal as well as participating community’s authorities:

As per the Federal authorities, the applicant must:

  • Hold a designated community recommendation
  • Have a minimum of one year or 1560 hours of continuous work experience in the last 3 years. However, the International Students are exempted from this requirement, provided they have studied for at least 2 years full-time in the pot-secondary institute and  were present in the community for at least 16 months from 24 months of their education or if they have graduated in Master’s and stayed in the community during their study.
  • Have a graduate degree from a publicly funded post-secondary institution located in the recommending community
  • Have a valid job offer from an employer based in the recommended community
  • Fulfil language requirements as per the NOC skill type/level of the job being offered
  • Have enough funds to financially support themselves and their family in the community
  • Intend to live in the community

Education Requirements

Every candidate applying under the RNIP program must have completed a minimum level of education. This credential should be equivalent to a Canadian High School Diploma. The applicants having international education must submit an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) along with their application.

Job offer from an employer in a participating community

As the title suggests, the candidate must have a valid job offer from an employer located in one of the participating communities. For a job offer to be valid, it must:

  • Be Full-time, non-seasonal, and permanent position;
  • Fulfils minimum wage requirements as per the role’s NOC skill level;
  • Be at a NOC skill level which is within one skill level of the applicant’s work experience. 
  • Candidates’ experience must comply with the position’s requirements.

Interested candidates can find jobs on the official websites of the participating communities.

Language Requirements

The language requirement is outlined based on the NOC skill type/level that refers to the applicant’s job offer. 

Below are the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) required:

  • NOC 0 and A: At Least CLB 6 is required
  • NOC B: At least CLB 5 is required
  • NOC C and D: At least CLB 4 is required

Funds Required

Below is the table demonstrating the amount of funds required by the candidates to support themselves and their families in the recommended community.

Number of family members

(including those you support who aren’t immigrating with you)

Funds Required

(CDN $)

1 member


2 members


3 members


4 members


5 members


6 members


7  members


For each additional member $2,450add it in a column  

Candidates who have applied for Permanent Residency under RNIP and have received acknowledgment may also be eligible to apply for work permit. Their spouse/common law partner may also be eligible to apply for a Spousal open work permit.

Are you Interested in Applying for a Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program?

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