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Many of us are keen to visit Canada with the hopes and possibilities of a great new beginning. Honoring this intent of people the Canadian Government had introduced Visitor Visa years ago. A Visitor visa is also called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). A Visitor visa is a crucial document that allows foreign nationals to travel to, enter and live in Canada for a short duration of time. They can stay temporarily in Canada for school, tourism, business, conference or to meet family and friends. Canada requires the citizens of specific countries to obtain Visitor visa to enter Canada irrespective of the purpose of their visit.


Visitor Visas can be categorized into mainly 2 types: single entry visas and multiple entry visas. As the name suggests, the single entry visa allows the holder to enter Canada for only one time and is issued under unique and extraordinary circumstances. On the other hand, the multiple entry visa lets the foreign national to enter and exit Canada multiple times until the expiry of the visa and is issued automatically in a majority of the cases.

The holder of a multiple entry visa has the privilege of travelling and living in Canada for a maximum period of 6 months per visit. They can travel multiple times to Canada until the validity of the said visa expires. The validity period of the multiple entry visa is dependent on the discretion of the visa officer who issues it. If you have a study permit/ work permit and are from a non- visa-exempt country, then you are issued a visitor visa automatically. It is important to note that as long as your work permit and visa are valid you can leave Canada temporarily and can re-enter.


Visitor visa is designed for Non-Canadian citizens and Permanent residents. Foreign nationals from non-visa exempt countries are required to apply for Visitor visa.


Non-Canadian citizens and Permanent residents who are foreign nationals of visa-exempt countries do not require Visitor visa to enter Canada. The only document they require to enter Canada by air is an eTA or an electronic travel authorization.

If these foreign nationals choose to travel to Canada by land or sea, only a valid passport issued by the visa-exempt country is sufficient to travel.

The U.S. citizens require only a valid U.S. passport to enter Canada if they are willing to stay in Canada for not more than 6 months period. Permanent residents of U.S and Green card holders are also visa-exempt and require only valid Green Card and U.S. passport to enter Canada.

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Membership Number: R528313


Applicants willing to apply for the Visitor visa of Canada can either opt for applying online or with a paper application or by applying at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) in person. If you are willing to travel as a family, then every single family member needs to complete the application. At times, based on the country of citizenship, applicants may require to submit information about biometrics in their respective applications. At the biometric collection service point, one needs to give fingerprints and photographs while submitting for biometrics.


A holder of the Visitor visa can live in Canada for a maximum span of 6 months each visit irrespective of holding single entry visa or multiple entry visas. The applicant is required to leave the country after the said period as their legal status as a visitor in Canada expires. In case, if the applicant is willing to extend his/ her stay, they need to apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry of their legal status as a visitor in Canada.


There have been several instances of Visitor visa rejection. The following are the reasons that can lead to the rejection of Visitor Visa application.

  • The applicant’s failure to convince the immigration officer about his/her intent of not overstaying in Canada.
  • The applicant fails to submit appropriate, authentic and supportive documents.
  • Shortage of funds with the applicant.
  • If the applicant cannot meet the international standards of security.
  • The applicant is unable to meet the Health standards as prescribed by the Canadian government.
  • If the applicant provides misrepresented/ false documents and information.

A Visitor visa is one of the easiest pathways to enter and live in Canada. Initially, the applicant may be allowed to stay for a shorter duration but you can always apply for an extension. There are ample opportunities to apply for Permanent Residency through several Canadian Immigration programs, provided you are eligible. If you are keen on applying for a Visitor visa, you may do it on your own or through some professional Immigration consultants like Canoz visa services who are engaged in Immigration consultation services.

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