How To Get Student Visa For Canada In 2022?

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How To Apply Student Visa For Canada

As we all know Canada is one of the best places to get settled or if you wanted to complete your study. Many Canadian universities are best and are more cheaper as compared to other countries and that’s the thing most people are inclined to. Other than that Canada provides numerous possibilities and vibrant culture. Every year hundreds of people from all across the world try to move to Canada for better life and job opportunities, but getting there is not that easy as you may all know. There are so many aspects and trips that will help you to get your student visa for Canada.

First of all, let’s understand why Canada is the best country to choose for studies. Canada is far cheaper than most of the countries and there are many scholarship programs are given to the students based on the performances and criteria. And on the basis of these programs, you can even get free education from top universities. Other than those health communities, Innovative and Abundant Research Opportunities, great lifestyle, Good internship opportunities and, many more things are provided that make Canada to stand out. So if you are looking for this kind of opportunity for yourself we urge you to follow this article till the end where you will find the things that will help you to get your student visa easily.

If you want more details on how to get a Student visa you can visit any Immigration office like you can search immigration consultant in Brampton or any city you are living in. but we are providing here the most basic and important details so let’s begin together and find out what you actually need to apply!

Language Criteria To Apply For Student Visa

If you are applying for a study visa as such there is no proficiency proof needed unless you are not coming from an English-speaking country. Foreign universities need proof and you can have it by clearing the cut-off of IELTS, PTE, and C1 Advanced tests and you can submit the proof afterward.

Apply To Canadian Universities

After clearing your English-proficiency test you can further apply for college and that too will be based on your score. Subsequent to being acknowledged at a Canadian college, you will get an acknowledgment letter that will be needed for the visa application. And there are so many options for you to choose from.

Application Process For The Canadian Student Visa

When you received an acceptance letter from the college, the time has come to continue to the part and that is to apply for a Student visa. Further steps needed:

👉 Apply on Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and send all the required documents

✔️ Provide an acceptance letter from the universities.

👉 Send all the documents like Medical, your financial proof, proof confirming you have no criminal record.

Tuition Fees

After approval or acceptance letter you need to pay all the tuition fees with GIC (Purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate). This installment is made by means of an international bank transfer. When the university gets fees and cycles the educational cost installment, they will give you a receipt and it will be needed to apply for a study visa to Canada.

Check For Medical And Biometrics Appointment

Contingent upon your nationality, you may need to appear at a Visa Application Center in your country to have your biometrics taken. Apart from that, you will also need your medical proof along with.

How Much Time It Will Take For A Study Permit?

A common question arises in everybody’s mind after all the steps taken above. It usually depends on the situation of the country and the allotted seats that you have applied for. But in most of the cases it will arrive within 90 days and sometimes even faster.

Top Universities In Canada To Choose From:

Sr No.Global RankUniversities
125University of Toronto
245University of British Columbia
3203Western University
4246University of Calgary

A Few Common Questions Are Acknowledged Below:

Q1 How Much IELTS Score Is Required For Canada Student Visa?

Ans: Minimum of 5.5 bands you will need in each of the 4 IELTS segments i.e. listening, writing, speaking, and reading

Q2 Canada Student Visa Cost?

It depends on country to country. However, you can visit your nearest Immigration consultant office for more queries in detail.

Study ProgramAverage fees (CAD)
Undergraduate Program$12,000 to $25,000 per year
Postgraduate master’s Program$24,000 to $35,000 per year
Doctoral Degree$7,000 to $10,000 per year

Q3 What Are The Main Documents Required?

Ans: You need various documents to submit which includes following below:

  1. Acceptance letter from the university
  2. Passport
  3. Biometric document
  4. Medical
  5. Fee receipt
  6. Academic Documents
  7. IELTS score (English-speaking proof)
  8. Six passport-sized photographs
  9. Letter of explanation
  10. Financial support proof.

Q4 How To Manage Expenses In Canada?

Ans: Before you leave for Canada, make sure that you have sufficient assets that will deal with your whole time of stay in the country. Yet additionally on the off chance that you can figure out low maintenance work in Canada you can also make your educational expenses out of it if not that you can at least deal with your cost on convenience, food, clothes, and fundamental everyday activities.

So these are the few frequently asked question other than that one more thing we want to acknowledge is that after your study grant lapses 90 days after your study is done. You can in any case stay in Canada to travel and investigate or you can apply for a work license, which permits you to require some investment or low maintenance work, or even be independently employed. So that’s that! Those were a few things that you can keep a tab on if you are planning to get a student visa in Canada in 2022. You can visit the official website and get more details

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