10 Diploma Options for Students of Commerce Stream to Study in Canada

July 16, 2021BY Marketing

Diploma Options for Students of Commerce Stream to Study in Canada

10 Diploma Options for Students of Commerce Stream to Study in Canada

Diploma & Degrees in commerce stream continue to be in high demand across the globe. With the exponential growth in industries, more companies are looking for highly qualified professionals with a commerce background. Specifically for people with a deeper knowledge of business management, accounting, marketing and many more. Are you a commerce student planning to take up business courses for higher studies? Canada is the best option for you. The country is known for its growth and the ability of its people to grow. Being an ethnically rich country, Canadian economic and industrial development lends its students an edge over others. While you study in Canada, you are assured of a quality education and a bright future. Students intending to make a career in the commerce field are loaded with a variety of courses to choose from in Canada. If you belong to a similar league, this blog is for you. This post discusses the best diploma courses for commerce students to study in Canada. So without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Associates of Arts - Commerce and Business Studies

The Associate of Arts in Commerce and Business Studies is a two-year undergraduate degree course.  This program aims at educating students about different faculties such as:

  • economics
  • management
  • accounting
  • marketing, and
  • statistical analysis

It also helps them build skills like critical thinking and research. Graduates from this course also have an option to bridge into the third year of a 4 year bachelor’s degree course at a university.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Accounting or Administrative Assistant
  • Bank Teller
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Bookkeeping, Marketing or Office Assistant
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Assistant Manager

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2. Diploma - Commerce and Business Administration

The Diploma in Commerce and Business Administration is a two-year undergraduate program. Here the students learn about different business and academic areas. It helps them gain extensive knowledge of business operations and also develop the skills required to execute them. The program is designed to support students transferring into the third year of a 4 year BCom program.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Administrative officers
  • Executive Assistants
  • Administrative clerks
  • Customer Service, Information, and Related Clerks

3. Attestation of College Studies (AEC) - International Commerce Import -Export

AEC program in International Commerce Import-Export is a 2-year certificate course. It is best suitable for students looking to make a career in international trade. This program helps students learn about techniques, laws, and practices required for importing and exporting. Not only this but it also trains them about
  • strategic business planning
  • price-determination techniques
  • customs rules, and
  • international transportation norms
Possible career opportunities:
  • Transport Pricing Manager
  • Import-Export Coordinator
  • Customs Project Manager
  • Import-Export Consultant
  • Import-Export Entrepreneur

4. Diploma - E-Commerce and Online Business Management

The diploma course in e-commerce and online business management is becoming one of the most popular courses amongst commerce students. This is due to the growth of e-commerce and online business taking over the market these days. This course introduces its students to the skills and knowledge required to work in an e-commerce industry or launch an online business such as online strategies, techniques, and trend analysis.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Digital marketing consultant/strategist
  • Digital marketing manager/account manager
  • Social media manager
  • Advertising consultant
  • Marketing coordinator/director
  • E-Commerce consultant /strategist
  • Online store manager/sales manager

5.Diploma - Business

The Business Diploma program is for students with an interest in learning different disciplines of business. This is a course where students develop skills and knowledge about advanced global business concepts, theories, and best strategies related to business operations. Students enjoy a choice of specialization from the following faculties:

  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Insurance and risk Management
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources

Possible career opportunities:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Merchandiser
  • Marketing Assistant

6. Diploma - Global Supply Chain Management

The certificate program in Global Supply Chain Management is one of the trending courses among commerce students planning to study in Canada. In this course, students will gain extensive knowledge about supply chain operations. Such operations are required by businesses to accommodate the changing global, environmental and operational challenges. Besides these, one also learns about procurement, storage, transportation and distribution of goods during this course.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Demand Forecasting Lead
  • Dispatcher/Driver Manager
  • Distribution Logistics Analyst
  • Inventory Control Analyst
  • Inventory Manager
  • Shipping and Receiving Administrator
  • Sourcing and Procurement Specialist
  • Supply Chain Logistics Planner
  • Warehouse Operations Manager

7. Diploma - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

If you are fascinated by the process of delivering goods and services to the end customers, this course is for you. From problem-solving to technical knowledge to operations management, customer service and sales, this course helps its students learn all the necessary skills and experience required to succeed in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Inventory Planner
  • Inventory Analyst
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Materials Coordinator
  • Scheduling Clerk
  • Cargo and Freight Agent
  • Customs Broker

8. Diploma - Product Administration

With the ongoing digital transformation of businesses across the globe the need for product administrators is also growing. This diploma course is a great fit for students planning to study in Canada and build expertise in developing, delivering, and promoting new products. The program educates students about the use of agile project administration techniques and examining customer satisfaction data.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Life Cycle Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Line Manager
  • Director of Products

9. Diploma - Hospitality - Hotel Operations Management

The Diploma course in Hotel Operations Management is a program that offers its students business skills and insight required to work in a multifaceted industry such as hotels. From front desk management to housekeeping operations to food and beverage management, and human resources planning, this course covers all these topics.

Possible career opportunities:

  • General Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Front Desk Manager
  • Meeting and Event Coordinator

10. Diploma - Accounting and Payroll

Yet another great diploma option for commerce students planning to study in Canada is in the niche: Accounting and Payroll. This course helps students acquire comprehensive knowledge of accounting, payroll and human resource management and similar technology applications. During this course, students learn the methods of doing journal entries, reading financial statements and adjusting accounts.

Possible career opportunities:

  • Payroll administrator
  • Payroll specialist
  • Payroll accountant
  • Human resource and payroll generalist
  • General accounting coordinator
  • Small business accountant
  • Office manager

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