The Canadian Express Entry System Is Your Fastest Way to PR

August 6, 2021BY Marketing

The Canadian Express Entry System Is Your Fastest Way to PR

The Canadian Express Entry System Is Your Fastest Way To PR

The term “Express Entry” is self-explanatory. In simple terms, Express Entry system for Canada came into existence in the year 2015, to expedite the applications of the skilled workers. These applications for skilled workers are fast-tracked for Permanent Residence. Express Entry system was a conscientious effort from the Canadian Government to select, attract and retain talented and skilled labor force. No wonder, the Canadian Express Entry is your fastest way to Canada. Skilled workers interested in Canadian immigration and Permanent Residency seem to have found a new elixir in Express Entry System. Express Entry is an online system that not only quickens the application process but also reduces the paperwork involved in it. Both, the Federal government, the Provincial government alongside the Canadian employers are associated with the selection process. In its truest sense, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) is the face of the government managing the Express Entry system.


The Eligibility for a program under an Express Entry system needs to be understood thoroughly. There are two ways to determine one’s eligibility to apply.

1. The applicant needs to answer a few questions to check for his/her eligibility:

The Express Entry system comprises of 3 economic immigration programs. Each programs prescribes a set of requirements to be fulfilled. One needs to fill the forms online by creating an Express Entry profile. This may take approximately 15 minutes of your time. The applicant is expected to answer the specific questions mentioned in the forms. These questions are simple and may require you to provide information about your age, educational qualifications, nationality, family members, language proficiency, specifics of your job offer and your overall work experience. 

Your answers to these questions shall determine your eligibility for a specific program under the Express Entry system. Ensure that you provide the necessary information accurately. You are evaluated on the basis of a score called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Once your eligibility is established on the basis of your score, you may have to follow a set of instructions given to you. Once the profile requirements are met, the applicant gets a direct entry into the Express Entry pool of candidates for immigration. Later, you are likely to receive an Invitation to Apply.

2. Reading the requirements for each program in detail is crucial:

As stated earlier, the Express Entry system has 3 economic immigration programs. 

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experienced Class

Recruitment of skilled labour can be done through other Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) designed by Provinces and Territories. They can recruit skilled workers from the Express Entry Pool too.

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By far we are aware of the names of the 3 Express Entry programs. These programs manage applications for Permanent Residence.  Always remember CRS score is the ticket to Express Entry.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

he Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW) is an extremely competitive program under the Express Entry system. This program focuses on the skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis and have a substantial amount of foreign work experience.

Requirements for the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW):

  • Work experience: It is a prerequisite for a candidate applying under this program to have a full-time, continuous, paid work experience of a minimum of 12 months. In the dearth of desired work experience, an identical part time experience of the same duration is considered reasonable. The work experience gained must be in line with the specifications given in National Occupational Classifications (NOC) O, A and B skill types. 
  • Education: If the candidate pursued Canadian education, then all his/her academic credentials have to be furnished. Likewise, if the applicant pursued education outside Canada, then the applicant is obligated to furnish a designated organization’s Educational Credential Assessment Report.  This is a necessity to prove the authenticity of the academic credentials and their standing against the Canadian academic credentials.
  • Language Proficiency: The applicant is required to take language tests in either English or French with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of minimum of 7. 
  • Proof of availability of Funds: Sufficiency of funds is important. The applicant must have good amount of funds for his family to live and settle in Canada.
  • Canadian admissibility: The power to consider an applicant inadmissible lies with the Canadian immigration officer. He needs to abide by the Canadian immigration law that specifies reasons for inadmissibility like medical reasons, security issues, human rights violation, financial issues of the applicant etc.
  • Residence in Canada: The applicant’s plan must be to live outside Quebec.

Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Program:

Immigrants qualified in skilled trades and wanting Permanent Residence can realize their dreams quickly through FST program. This program believes in attracting and retaining the skilled workers. This will also help the Canadian economy in dealing with the dearth of skilled work force.

Requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST):

  • Work Experience: A work experience in eligible skilled trade of 2 years is necessary for the applicant. The experience must be full-time, paid work experience. A part time job is considered valid if it is done for the same duration of time. The NOC has defined skilled trades. Major Group 72, Major Group 73, Major Group 82, Major Group 92, Minor Group 632, Minor Group 633 are included in the list.
  • Education: Every applicant is expected to have completed his/her degree, diploma, certification in Canada for seamless process of immigration. If he/she is a foreign student, then one is required to prove the validity of the educational credentials. Also, the equivalency of their educational credentials with the Canadian standards needs to be proved for diploma, degree and certifications as per Educational Credential Assessment Report.
  • Offer from Canadian employer: The FST specifies that the candidate should possess a valid offer from a Canadian employer for a duration of 12 months or more. This should be a full-time job.
  • Admissibility to Canada: The Canadian immigration Law specifies the definition of an “inadmissible” person and the immigration officer decides the admissibility/inadmissibility of a person. The reasons for inadmissibility are financial reasons, security reasons, violation of human rights, medical reasons etc.
  • Language requirements:  A CLB score of 5 in speaking and listening and CLB score of 4 in writing and reading is needed for the candidate to be eligible.
  • Proof of funds and Residence in Canada outside Quebec province are the other two requirements to be fulfilled.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program:

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is designed for those candidates who have a strong backing of a recent Canadian experience with an intention of residing in Canada forever being the Permanent residents. CEC is the fastest route to PR as it requires only 3-4 months for processing. Also the recent work experience must be of 12 months or more in duration.

Requirements for The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program:

  • Work Experience: The applicant is required to have a full time paid job experience of at least 12 months or more. In case of lack of full time work experience, it is mandatory to have a paid part time experience of equal duration. The application must be done by applicant for CEC program within 3 years from obtaining the work experience in the desired skills.
  • Education: Completing your schooling in Canada can give you a better ranking in Express Entry Pool. Also, if you have studied in a foreign university, then the onus of proving the credibility of your academic credentials lies on you. Also, the proof of standing of academic credentials being at par with the Canadian education standard lies on you.
  • Language requirements:  A CLB score of 7 is needed for NOC skill level 0 and A for both English and French. Likewise, a CLB score of 5 is needed for NOC skill level B jobs.
  • Canadian Admissibility: The admissibility/inadmissibility of a person is based on the definition of “inadmissible” person specified in the Canadian immigration Law. The immigration officer decides about the admissibility of a person based on reasons pertaining to security, financial issues, medical issues, violation of human rights etc.
    • Plan to live in Canada: The applicant must plan to live outside Quebec province. Quebec has its own pool of skilled workers and selects its work force from it.


  • An Express Entry profile is necessary for the applicant to submit to the Express Entry Pool. If the applicant is eligible he/she will receive an online account to fill in the Express Entry Profile details

    • If you do not have an account you are required to create one following the instructions.
    • Enter your personal details and reference codes when asked for.
    • You may need to fill information based on documents. Also, NOC with job title and code is necessary.
    • After completing your profile you can exit it. You must complete your profile within 60 days. Submit your profile and once you submit you will be notified about which program you are eligible for.


  • Following are the documents required for Express Entry system for all 3 programs together.

    • A travel document is important. Also passport is required.
    • Results of the language proficiency tests are compulsory.
    • If the applicant has a Provincial nomination, he/she must furnish it.
    • Canadian employer’s job offer in writing.
    • Your educational Credentials Assessment report (if needed)
    • Proof of sufficient funds
    • Health certificate and police certificate are also needed.

    Always remember your CRS score is important. The CRS score decides your chance of applying in Express Entry system. Hopefully we have succeeded in our attempt of giving you the best possible information on the Express entry system in one go.

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