Shortage of Skilled Workers in Canada boosts Demand for Skilled Foreign Workers

August 9, 2021BY Marketing

shortage of skilled workers in Canada

Shortage of Skilled Workers in Canada boosts Demand for Skilled Foreign Workers

Shortage of skilled workers in Canada:- As per Statistics, Canada is witnessing a major boost in the job vacancies created recently amid the pandemic. This has led the country to confront the challenge of the shortage of skilled foreign workers who can fulfill these vacancies. According to recent news published by Financial Post on June 4, 2021, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and food are the major industries impacted by this shortage. Employers are finding it difficult to find qualified workers to meet labour shortages. Many employers are eager to train and recruit skilled foreign workers through LMIA to address the shortage. 

This year in March 4.1% of the jobs in Canada were vacant. That accounted for almost 632,700 positions. And this is approximately 100 points above the pre-pandemic levels. However, in May, it was reported that the Canadian employers under the accommodation and food services sector showed the highest demand for workers.  Although there continue to be more jobs every year, currently Canadian employers continue to face a high demand for workers with particular skills and expertise that can address the labour needs of the province, region or city.

Besides the above-mentioned industries, construction and manufacturing industries too are struggling to find skilled workers. This further raises questions about how the economy will resume in full swing with such an acute shortage of workers. Also, as the provinces are reopening, the health risk of returning to work and the continuing government benefits has been keeping many workers sidelined. This further has increased the issue. As a consequence, vacancies are increasing as the economy starts to recover. And some provinces have already started to highlight the concern.

For instance, Alberta has recently shown concern of labour shortage in sectors such as IT, Database analysis, software engineering, construction, healthcare, family counselling, researchers and many more.

Moving forward, even BC has demonstrated the increase in demand for payroll administrators, Information System Analysts, Computer Programmers, School Teachers, Technical Sales Specialists, cooks, cleaners, truck drivers and many more.

Not only this but as the market is picking up pace after the retreating threat from viruses and vaccinations,  the shortage of labour has drastically driven up salaries. This means the employers are willing to raise the pay by as much as $10000 for new employees. 

The demand for skilled foreign workers is at a historic high, reaching levels that have not been seen lately. While this economic success and growth of employment opportunities are good for business, it is also creating challenges for employers who are finding it hard to get workers to meet demand.

Therefore, the demand for LMIA continues to grow even more. The acute shortage of foreign workers has impacted the labour market across Canada. Recognizing the urgency of the labour shortage, CanOz Visa Services is making an attempt to help you learn about LMIA and its procedure to make the most of this opportunity.

What is LMIA?

To begin with, let’s learn the LMIA full form. It stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. When a Canadian employer fails to find a qualified worker for the available position within Canada, he applies for LMIA. An LMIA enables the employer to hire skilled foreign workers to fill in the available position. Once the employer applies for LMIA, he/she is issued a document of approval from Employment and Social Development Canada. This document is termed LMIA.

Shortage of Skilled Workers in Canada

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Shortage of Skilled Workers in Canada

LMIA Process after Approval

Upon the receipt of LMIA, a copy of the document is forwarded to the potential foreign worker. This enables the worker to apply for a work permit. The condition being, the worker  should have received the following from the employer:

  • a job offer letter
  • a contract
  • a copy of the LMIA
  • the LMIA number

What are LMIA Requirements?

Except for ineligible employers enlisted here and those with approved LMIA, the employers should have the following in order to apply for LMIA:
  • Has a lawful business
  • Offers goods or services to the public.
  • Is capable enough to remunerate a foreign worker.
  • Genuinely requires a foreign worker.
  • In the preceding 12 months from the date of application, there should have been no lay-offs

Foreign-Skilled Workers Required to Fulfil the Demand of Labour in Canada - Shortage of skilled worker in Canada.

Recent statistics show that Canada will have to depend more upon immigration as retirement and job quitting levels are rising. On its road to recovery, the Canadian economy is in a dire need of foreign workers to fill in the gap between the demand and supply of the labour market. If you are someone who is skilled and planning to make a career and settle in Canada, this could be your time. Make the most of this opportunity and realize your dream of living and working in Canada.

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