Oh No! My Canadian Visitor’s Visa is rejected. Why?

February 13, 2020BY Canoz-visa

Oh No! My Canadian Visitor’s Visa is rejected. Why?

Imagine, you are gearing up to accomplish your dream of living in Canada. You have designed a great travel plan. A mere thought of Canada brings a broad smile on your face. You are happy in your imaginative world of possibilities in Canada. Suddenly, this imaginary world fades off and you have to face the reality of Canadian Visitor Visa Rejection. It definitely comes as a great shock shattering all your dreams and hopes of a new beginning. A new report states that in the year 2017 alone approximately 6, 00,000 applicants were denied visitor’s visas. As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) there has been a rise in the rejection rate of 1 in 4 in 2018. This article focuses on the reasons for the visitor visa rejection.


A visitor’s visa is also called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This visitor visa allows people to live for a short time in Canada. Their temporary stay may be for business, school, tourism, conference or to visit family/friends. Canada requires the citizens of specific countries to obtain TRVs to enter Canada. If you wish to study or work in Canada you will have to apply for a visa through a separate application.


Let us try understanding what factors are considered while rejecting a visitor visa application.

  • Applicant’s failure to convince the immigration officer that he/she will not overstay in Canada:

This is one of the most common reasons for refusal of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). The Canadian government feels that citizens of some countries in the world may overstay in Canada. This is the reason that Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is needed for the citizens of certain countries to enter Canada. Therefore, the applicant must prove with evidence that you will return to your home country after the expiration of the visa.

  • Applicant’s Failure to submit accurate and supporting documents:

Valid Passport, Duly accomplished Forms (Form IMM 5257, Form IMM 5645), photos, proof of financial support, fees, Purpose of travel and proof of your return travel (ticket) are not the only documents expected of you. You are also required to submit detailed employment letters/contracts and lease agreements along with the TRV application. These are required to establish your connections with your home country. These documents also prove that you will return to your own country after the stipulated period of visa is over. You may also submit invitation letters (including your details and travel details) from family/ friends in Canada.

  • Applicant’s failure to show the sufficiency of funds:

Your Bank Statement serves as a crucial document while applying for a Canadian visitor visa. It proves that you are financially fit to travel and live in Canada as a tourist. For instance: A tourist is expected to have at least USD 150/day for your stay. Additional funds are needed for flights and hotel stay and also it demonstrates your financial standing in your home country.

  • Applicant’s failure to meet international security standards:

Canada expects that any applicant applying for a TRV visa should not pose any threat to the Canadian public. In short, the applicant should not have a criminal background. Even if a person has a pending criminal case, his/her visa can be rejected.

An efficient Health care system in Canada is one of the main reasons for migration. Applicants for TRV from certain countries depending on their length of stay may need to undergo an Immigration Medical Exam. This is the Canadian Government’s initiative to protect the Canadian public and to reduce overburdening the Canadian Health care system.

  • If the applicant provides documents with false/ misrepresented information:

If any false/ misrepresented document is provided by the applicant, the visa can be rejected.

There could be various factors that are responsible for the refusal of the Canadian Visitor’s visa. Most of the factors fall within the parameters expressed in this article. If at any point of time your visa application is refused, you can always reapply with a fresh new application.

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