Google plans to welcome 3500 new employees in Canada with open arms

March 12, 2020BY Canoz-visa

Well, Well, Well. What do we have in news lately? There is a buzz about Google everywhere. The news about Google planning to hire 3500 new employees in Canada is blazoning in every nook and corner of the country. The tech giant is showering a lot of love on three Canadian cities. Google is working its way to set up trio of new offices in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and Montreal. The plan is to house a total of 5000 employees collectively in these three offices by 2022. So, it is rightful to say Google plans to welcome 3500 new employees in Canada with open arms.

Why Canada?

The current Google employee presence in Canada is 1500. The new set up and additional new 3500 employees will ensure in reaching the capacity of 5000 employees in the new offices. The first presence of Google in Canada was way back in 2001 when Google opened its first office in Toronto. Since then, Google has expanded its reach in Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver and three other cities.

You may be wondering as to why companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, MasterCard, etc are attracted to Canada?
Why Canada? The answer is simple, American Tech Hub is Near-shoring to Canada. Near-shoring in simple words is transferring the business processes to companies in a nearby country. The primary benefit here is similarities in time zone, languages, culture, and communication. Geographic proximity and financial savings also play a key role. The American tech companies are unhappy with the increase in taxes for American businesses. The public protests for outsourcing manufacturing, support jobs and IT to Asian countries are also on the rise. These instances have placed Canada as the most preferred destination for exporting jobs.


The dearth of talented and high skilled immigrants in USA and the recent reforms in the US Immigration system have made it difficult for US tech companies to retain skilled immigrants. In these times of distress, the best obvious choice is Canada. Canada is known to have a highly skilled and educated native and foreign workforce. Recently, Canada emerged with its unprecedented growth as a hot favorite destination among high-tech immigrants. These are the immigrants whose skills are in intense demand. This happens due to high recruitment of tech workers by the tech sector in Canada.
Canada has initiated several programs like Global Talent Stream with fast track visa for skilled immigrants. A permanent Start up Visa Program for Entrepreneurs is designed to facilitate public/private funding and to ensure growth and innovation. Express entry system expedites visa processing for skilled immigrants has emerged as a winner. Now, living your Canadian Dream is easier through Express Entry system. If you are wishing for a trouble-free application process, you can seek advice from our Canadian Immigration Consultant. Our Immigration Consultant can guide you through for a seamless visa processing and immigration experience.


As per the Canadian Press via CTV News, the new Waterloo location will be exactly adjacent to the current Google space there. Revamping of the other existing offices at Toronto and Montreal is on cards. The newest workplace in Toronto is on King Street East as a 400,000 square feet huge space with 18 floors. The Viger Avenue West hosts the office in Montreal location. The office has 5 floors and can house 1000 employees. Every single floor is designed to reflect the Montreal neighborhood like Le Plateau, Chinatown, Old Port, Little Italy and Le Village. There is no clue about the total capital commitment involved in setting up these offices. The first Stadia Game Studio was opened In Montreal by Google in October 2019. Plans to expand the same are in the pipeline. Google is set to launch its Google for Startups Accelerator in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. It is a three month initiative to help startups using AI and Machine learning. The aim is to foster entrepreneurial potential with Google’s programs, products, people and technology. No wonder, with all the buzz around and a positive, friendly image Canada is all set to emerge as a fastest growing global centre of tech talent and innovation.

How can you take benefit of this:

If you are from the Tech Industry and have Skills you can explore your options of Migrating to Canada and work with Google or thousands of other IT companies based in Canada. At CanOz Visa’s, we have assisted many of our clients with Work Visas and Permanent Residency Applications under Express Entry and Provincial Nomination, please review our testimonials to see what our clients say about us. Need more information or assistance with applying, we are here to help, contact our Canadian Immigration Consultant in Brampton at +1 647 772 8994 or Book Free Consultation Now!

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